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Rube Resources

If you’re a parent, a teacher, a student, or just Rube-curious, you’re in the right place! Rube Goldberg books, projects, and digital games are a great way to engage kids in STEM, Art and teach Simple Machines. 

Rube Goldberg Speed-Build Bag

Our official Rube Goldberg Speed-Build Bag® is filled with all the things you’ll need to build your first RGM’s. This starter-kit comes with two machine task options. One to TRAP A MOUSE and the other to POP A BALLOON. Just add the contents of the bag to a table of random household junk and let the fun begin! Designed for up to 15 builders, ages 4 and over.

Rube Goldberg Origami

Bring Rube Goldberg Machines to life with just a few sheets of paper! Choose from three unique builds: Make a Cup of Tea, Flip a Coin, and Create a Snack Hat.