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Rube Resources

If you’re a parent, an educator, a student or just Rube-curious, you’re in the right place! The Institute proudly shares Rube Goldberg projects, activities, PD and curriculum in both the physical and virtual space.

Use coding, digital games, and other digital tools to teach Rube.

Digital Puzzle Game: Rube Works

Do you have what it takes to turn Rube’s cartoons into elaborate and incredible machines? Rube Works features Rube’s comic contraptions, and irreverent humor, and animates the iconic invention cartoons in a way never seen before. The game combines the puzzle genre with slapstick humor and creative problem solving. Try level 1 here!

App Store | Google Play Store

Endorsed By: Common Sense Media, CNET, NSTA, Teachers with Apps, STEM Accredited (Deb will send logos to add here instead of the names.)

Rube Works in the Classroom

Lesson plans are included in the current version of Rube Works via the Help button. Educational discounts (50% off) are available when purchasing 20 or more units. For Steam educational discounts, please contact us.

Want to learn more about how we designed and developed Rube Works? Schedule a virtual Q&Afor your class with David Fox, the Rube Works game designer and co-executive producer.

"Rube Works puts a fun twist on learning… Once kids get started and see their contraptions in action, they will be inspired to keep learning and inventing." - Debbie Berk, Common Sense Education

Learn to Code

The Apple Coding Guide uses the chain reaction principles of Rube Goldberg to teach basic coding. Check it out.

Build a Rube Goldberg Machine in 3-D

Build a Rube Goldberg in 3-D. Stay tuned for a new competition in this space. Details coming soon.