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Who's Building Rube

Today Rube Goldberg Machines are searchable, hashtag-able and the best are viral. Over a billion posts on Tik Tok, YouTube and Google combined prove the breadth of our community and the power of the brand. The Institute’s resources are the best place to start your journey in Rube-land.

YouTubers, TikTok creators, artists, advertisers, animators and filmmakers, and everyday folks are building Rube Goldberg Machines® around the world. Working Rube Goldberg Machines can be seen in some of the most iconic films, TV shows & advertisements.

Professional Builders

Check out Rube-inspired creators who build RGM's as a career.

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Students of All Ages

Memorable RGM’s built by kids.

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Family & Friends

Everyday people who build impressive RGM’s for fun!

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Join Our Contest Community

Do you Rube? Join the fun in our annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contests.

Used with Permission: Genesis: Pathways to Success


The Institute works with TV studios, advertisers, and brands to bring Rube Goldberg Machines® to life. Let us help you bring our world of Rube into yours. Contact us.

These are just some of the brands inspired by Rube Goldberg. See the whole playlist here and view more on Rube Goldberg TV!