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Use Rube Goldberg's wit and wonder to educate, entertain, and inspire.

License a Competition

Host your own live YouRube Machine Contest®, ideal for schools, corporate team-building, and other in-person events. 

Entertainment & Commercial Products

The Institute welcomes new ideas for entertainment and commercial partnerships inspired by Rube Goldberg.

Image Licensing

The Institute licenses Rube Goldberg's cartoons and intellectual property for print and digital publications and for educational use.

Need a working Rube Goldberg Machine?

Let us help you create a working Rube Goldberg Machine for marketing, entertainment, or event purposes.

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Copyright Language

Our copyright language must be used near licensed images: “Artwork Copyright © and TM Rube Goldberg Institute® (RGI). All Rights Reserved. RUBE GOLDBERG® is a registered trademark of The Rube Goldberg Institute®. All materials used with permission


Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®, Rube Goldberg Machine®, Rube Goldberg STEM Challenge®, and the Rube Goldberg Crazy Contraption Cartoon Contest® are all trademarks of the RGI. Contest registrations include limited use of Rube Goldberg trademarked content logos, details of which are included in the contest materials.