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Rube Goldberg standing in front of a wall filled with his framed cartoons.

Cartoon Gallery

Rube Goldberg's work is a continued source of inspiration and his legacy informs the way we see our world. The institute is committed to making Rube’s work accessible and viewable in its Cartoon Gallery and adds new images to the website regularly, stay tuned!

1929-01-26 Simple appliance to Stamp an Envelope

1929-02-09 Automatic Sheet Music Turner

1929-03-30 Self-Watering Plant

1929-04-13 Self-Sharpening Blade

1929-06-15 Painless Tooth-pulling Device

1929-07-13 Hat Cleaning Device

1929-07-27 Simple Can Opener

1929-08-03 Gravy Stain Remover

1929-08-17 Easy Way To Find a Golf Ball

1929-08-31 Automatic Egg Shampoo

1929-09-14 Self-Pumping Tire

1929-09-28 Automatic Sun Shade

1929-10-12 How to Keep Your Windows Clean

1929-11-02 Bread Slicing Device for Picnic Sandwiches

1929-11-16 Simple Fly Swatter

1929-12-28 Fishing Bait Worm-digging Device

1930-01-11 Simple Cigar Cutter

1930-02-01 How to Turn Up the Heat Before Waking

1930-02-22 Device to Remind You to Mail a Letter

1930-03-01 An Easy Way to Make Toast

1930-03-29 A Simple Way to Sharpen Ice Skates

1930-04-26 Fresh Orange Juice Machine

1930-09-27 How to Keep Your Head Down Taking a Golf Swing

1930-10-18 Automatic Baby Sitting Device

1930-11-01 Sun-Blocking Device for the Beach

1930-11-15 Anti-Bug Device

1930-12-27 How to Avoid Bill Collectors

1931-02-07 A Simple Way to Predict Rain

1931-02-28 How to Lather Up for a Shave

1931-04-04 A Self-Scrubbing Back Brush

A Few Ideas to Ease the Pain of Sunday at the Shore

Amusement Park

A Portable Cigar Lighter That Works

A Self-Rolling Rug

A Simple Parachute

A Simple Way to Locate Your Rubbers on a Rainy Day

Automatic Cigar Cutter

Automatic Dishwasher

Automatic Liquor Tester

Baseball Scores

Bathing the Baby

Button Collar In a Hurry

Closing Your Windows While You're Away

Contraption Bed

Cool Summer Clothes for Men

Desert Sightseeing

Device for Keeping a Screen Door Shut

Doctor's Mistake

Easy Way for Tired Tourist to Enjoy Italian Art

Easy Way to Break In a New Pipe

Easy Way to Get Out of Playing Bridge

Easy Way to Get Out of Playing Bridge

Enjoying Air at the Seashore

Everything's Jake

Flying Practice

Fresh Orange Juice


Getting the Time on the Radio

Grab Hot Dogs on the Road

Happiness Machine

Hat Hawk in Pocket

Hat on a Windy Day

Help Wife Pull Up Girdle

Hiding Gravy Spoon Vest

Home-Vacation Machine

Hot Dog

How Groom Can Survive Bride's First Pie

How to Extinguish a Smoldering Ash Tray

How to Get Away from Leftover Turkey Hash

How to Get Rid of a Long-Winded Speaker

How to Get Rid of a Mouse

How To Get Rid of a Weekend Guest

How To Get Rid of a Weekend Guest

How to Get Room and Bath in Europe During Tourist Rush

How to Get Sand Out of Your Shoes

How to Get Sand Out of Your Shoes

How to Keep from Dozing Off During Business Hours

How to Keep the Boss from Knowing When You Are Late to Work

How to Keep the Boss From Knowing You're Late to Work

How to Protect Yourself Against a Holdup Man

How to Recover Sliding Plate on Rolling Ship

How to Silence a Whistling Caddie

How to Wash Dog Without Getting Yourself Wet

I Never Thought of That

Is There a Doctor in the House?

It's Simple When You Figure It Out

June Wedding Gadgets

Keep Baby from Crying

Keeping a Wrestler's Shoulders Off a Mat

Keep Shop Windows Clean

Labor-Saving Auto Jack

Lifesaving for Taxi Riders

Light a Cigar at 50 MPH

Locate Lost Collar Button

Loosen an Egg From Its Shell

Make Jeans

Making It Easy to Find Ping Pong Balls

Making It Easy to Find Ping Pong Balls

May I Have the Next Dance?

Moth Exterminator

Mouse Trap

New Career Machine

No. 1,000,005

No. 1,000,134

No. 1,111,999

No. 1,380

No. 153,920

No. 4

No. 5

No. 706

No. 9

No More Gas Problems

No More Laundry Delays

No More Old Maids

No More Oversleeping

No More Waiting for Doctor to Arrive

Nosedive Kelly

Not Miss Any Feminine Beauty

Opening the Garage Door

Orange Squeezing Machine

Our Own Simplified Hair-Dryer

Our Simple Lawn-Sprinkler

Our Simple Sardine Trap

Outboard Motor That Requires No Fuel

Painless Tooth Extractor

Patent Clothes Brush

Peace Today

Pickpocket's Loss

Picture Snapping Machine

Pleasure From New Camera

Plenty Company

Portable Movie Camera

Post World War No.51

Pull an Olive Out of a Bottle

Putting Postage on Envelopes

Putting the Cat Out at Night

Quick and Handy Apple-Corer

Railroad Hints for Traveling Salesmen

Reckless Drivers

Rube and Chairs

Safety at Railroad Crossing

Safety Device for Walking on Icy Pavements

Scientific American

Self-Operating Toothpaste Squeezer

Self-Tire Pump

Self-Watering Palm Tree

Self-Working Corkscrew

Self-Working Sunshade

Shut Off the Radio

Sight-Destroying Hats

Simple Advice for Cutting Your Own Hair

Simple Advice for Cutting Your Own Hair

Simple Alarm Clock

Simple Fly Swatter

Simple Idea for Cooling Soup

Simple Way to Attract a Waiter's Attention

Simple Way to Keep a Visitor from Kissing the Baby

Simple Way to Light a Cigarette While Driving at 60MPH

Simple Way to Open A Tight Window

Simple Way to Put Out the Lights

Simple Way to Sharpen Ice Skates

Simple Way to Turn Off Light If You Forget It When Leaving Room

Simple Way To Turn Off Light If You Forget It When Leaving the Room

Simple Way to Uncork a Bottle

Special Office Desk for Man Who Can't Get Away on a Vacation

Special Roving-eye Goggles

Stop Celery Crunching

Stop Shouting

Sure Cure

Sure Way to Fall Asleep

Sure Way to Have An Uninterrupted Dance

Sure Way to Make Approaching Drier Dim His Headlights

The Demi Tasse

The Fan Kid, 1904

The Hat Store Diving Board

Time Saving for Business People

Traffic Signal Craze

Training Cabinet for People who Expect to Sleep in Trailers

Turn Steam on from Bed

Turn the Lights Off After You Fall Asleep

What to Bring From Europe

Windshield Wiper

World's Fair Gadgets

Wrap a Package for Mailing