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Interview with Jennifer George

"The 'funny functionality' of Rube Goldberg machines 'invites us to think more deeply about machines and mechanized processes, gadgets and technologies, and the very human ways in which we use them.'" Read more!

Rube Goldberg's Least Complicated Invention Was His Cartooning Career

By Kristina Panos: The name Rube Goldberg has long been synonymous with any overly-built contraption played for laughs that solves a simple problem through complicated means. But it might surprise you to learn that the man himself was not an engineer or inventor by trade — at least, not for long.

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In the June 1923 issue of Popular Science, Rube Goldberg aspires to 'invent something useful.'

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Bored? Rube Goldberg's granddaughter wants you to build an elaborate soap machine

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Rage Against the Rube Goldberg Machine

By Gwydion Suilebhan and Steven Gimbel, March 2023