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Introducing the Rube Goldberg Miracle Recreation Playground Contest

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with Miracle® Recreation, a pioneer in manufacturing thrilling playgrounds for nearly a century, to launch the Rube Goldberg Playground Contest, inviting kids, college students, and professional designers to submit ideas for a Rube-inspired playground, (or even just one component of a playground), and enter the competition.

"The idea to create a Rube Goldberg playground, where kids become part of the machine itself, was where this whole thing started," says Jennifer George, Rube's granddaughter and creative director at the Rube Goldberg Institute. "And where better to start the design process than with kids themselves - and grown-ups who think like kids! My grandfather's work is synonymous with STEM and art education. “With Miracle Recreation as our partner, combined with the great ideas we expect to see from contestants, we will bridge the gap between classroom learning and outdoor play, with a destination playground loved by kids, teachers and parents alike."

To enter, submit a detailed design pitch and maybe your playground will actually be built! We are looking for creative, inclusive, and functional fun in the form of interactive outdoor play that engages kids to explore the world of STEM through the lens of Rube Goldberg. Winners will receive cash prizes, trophies and social media recognition.