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Contest Winners

Our annual Rube Goldberg Machine Contest® invites people of all ages to imagine, build, film, and submit their working machines designed to complete a simple task. Each September since 1988 we announce the annual task, rules, deadlines, and prizes. Our contests are free and the machines cost nothing to build. All you need is a pile of junk and a great imagination. 

The judges have voted and here they are! The most creative, most fun, and most Rube-inspired submissions for this year's Rube Goldberg Machine Contest®.

Made in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Made in California, USA

Made in California, USA

Made in Davao City, Philippines

Made in Maryland, USA, 2nd Place People's Choice

Made in Michigan, USA, 3rd Place People's Choice

Made in Minnesota, USA

Made in New York City, USA

Made in Pennsylvania, USA

Made in Wisconsin, USA