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The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg: A Virtual Film Event

"The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg" happens at 8 pm (ET) on Thursday, May 19. This 40-minute JFest film event tells about legendary cartoonist Rube Goldberg (1886-1970), an American-born son of German Jewish immigrant parents. Goldberg was one of the great cultural icons and storytellers of the 20th Century. His drawings of unwieldy fantasy inventions became a fixture of American popular entertainment and cemented his reputation as one of the most influential satirists of The Machine Age. In “The Two Lives of Rube Goldberg,” director Geoffrey George (Goldberg’s youngest grandchild) explores Rube’s life, as well as the influence of his legacy, which inspires unexpected journeys and new generations of creative thinkers today. This event is an exploration of creativity and the unexpected Jewish Journey with the filmmaker joining in the live chat.

JFest programs explore three core themes of storytelling: How You Tell Your Story, How Others Tell Our Story, and How History Tells Our Story.

JFest is predicated on the belief that our individual and family stories help us build resilience and create resilient communities. And, that ART helps us to engage and tell these stories.