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Submissions Open for the Rube Goldberg/Unreal Engines 10-Pin Challenge

What is the competition?

The Rube Goldberg Institute, in partnership with Unreal Engine, announces the Rube Goldberg/Unreal Engine 10-pin challenge - a new interactive 3D competition that challenges student’s creative abilities and teaches them valuable team-building skills.

A Rube Goldberg machine is a chain reaction-type of contraption designed to perform a simple task in an indirect and overly complicated way. The competition is simple: Knock over 10 bowling pins. Each submission must include: 12 transfers of motion; use each of the 6 (six) simple machines at least once; and finally knock over the bowling pins. Teams should have at least 4 team members and a mentor.

To help students begin their journey we created The build a virtual Rube Goldberg Machine in Unreal Engine Learning Kit complete with lesson plans, project files and a student guide. We also hosted a series of live sessions to guide competition participants and mentors through each of the learning activities in support of their quest to create a simple Rube Goldberg machine. Click here to watch the livestreams!

Submissions are open now!

Teams can submit their videos here. Winners will be announced on a livestream on December 6 at 6pm!