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Host Your Own Rube Goldberg YouRube Contest®

Do Rube Your Way!
Let us help you create and host your own live machine contest.
This licensed product is ideal for schools, corporate events, museums, camps, STEM and STEAM organizations, and large group gatherings.

Ready to Host your own Rube Goldberg Contest? 

The STEM Challenge includes:

  • Host manual
  • Promotional materials
  • Fundraising templates
  • Rule book
  • Judging forms
  • Awards package
  • Zoom with Team Rube
  • Email support

The PDF below includes STEM Challenge information and registration forms. Please read the competition terms and agreements before submitting your registration.

Past Tasks for Inspiration

2022 Open a Book

2021 Shake & Pour a Box of Nerds

2020 Turn Off a Light

2019 Put Money in a Piggy Bank

2018 Pour a Bowl of Cereal

2017 Apply a BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandage

2016 Open an Umbrella

2015 Erase A Chalkboard

2014 Zip A Zipper

2013 Hammer A Nail

2012 Inflate A Balloon & Pop It!

2011 Watering A Plant

2010 Dispense an Appropriate Amount of Hand Sanitizer into Hand

2009 Replace an Incandescent Light Bulb with a More Energy Efficient Light Bulb

2008 Assemble a Hamburger

2007 Squeeze the Juice from an Orange

2006 Shred 5 Sheets of Paper

2005 Change Batteries & Turn on a 2-battery Flashlight

2004 Select, Mark & Cast an Election Ballot

2003 Select, Crush & Recycle and Empty Soft Drink Can

2002 Select, Raise & Wave a U.S. Flag

2001 Select, Clean & Peel an Apple

2000 Fill & Seal a Time Capsule with 20th Century Inventions

1999 Set a Golf Tee & Tee Up a Golf Ball

1998 Shut Off an Alarm Clock

1997 Insert & Then Play a CD Disc

1996 Put Coins in a Bank

1995 Turn on a Radio

1994 Make Cup of Coffee

1993 Screw a Light Bulb into a Socket

1992 Unlock a Combination Padlock

1991 Toast a Slice of Bread

1990 Put the Lid on a Ball Jar

1989 Sharpen a Pencil

1988 Adhere a Stamp to a Letter

1987 Put Toothpaste on a Toothbrush